I had these emotions come over me for like a week straight, and I didn’t know what to do. I was crying one minute, debating another, engaging on social media, and then sad the next. But I felt like we all deserve to have those emotions, especially with the ongoing battle of racism in ourContinue reading “SELF-CARE DURING A NATIONAL PANDEMIC-RACISM”

How Important are Headshots?

We all heard that saying “never judge a book by it’s cover”, but in reality, we are all judged and perceived by the way that we look. More particularly when it comes to professional situations such as job interviews, making connections, and networking; we want to make a good first impression the first time around.Continue reading “How Important are Headshots?”

Overcoming Anxiety as We Tackle COVID-19 & Quarantine

When the year started, we all made it our mission to say that 2020 would be the year that this happens or this will take place, but nobody at all planned for COVID-19 to take affect, and hit us hard. It’s been a rollercoaster, a lot of adjusting, and a lot of fear placed intoContinue reading “Overcoming Anxiety as We Tackle COVID-19 & Quarantine”

Self-Care Tips During the Quarantine

It can become very hard to cope when being stuck in the house everyday, all day so sometimes you lose what to do for yourself, and sometimes you are just unmotivated to do anything at all. So I have listed a few things below that can help you do something while you are sitting inContinue reading “Self-Care Tips During the Quarantine”

How To Make Your Workout Your Self-Care

**BLOG POST PUBLISHED OVER ON TWENTYSOMETHINANDBLACK.COM** Practicing self-care strategies during your workout and in your free time can help you come back stronger, and a more peaceful space. If we strip back to the basics, we will learn quick to do things that makes us happy, or make time for self-care with a few actionableContinue reading “How To Make Your Workout Your Self-Care”

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