5 Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Sometimes we have this expectation that when we spend time on Valentine’s Day that we are suppose to spend it at a high-priced restaurant and dress all fancy but it’s more to Valentine’s Day than a fancy dinner. Because I’m sucker for romance, and making sure that my significant other always have a smile onContinue reading “5 Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day”

One Day Cleanse with Clean Juice

Clean Juice cold-press juice cleanses give you a quick and convenient solution you need but is packed with nutrition. It gives your body the attention that it needs–fresh, healthy, and organic ingredients. You are also giving your body some much-needed R&R from regular daily exposure to toxins and nutrient-deprived foods. The benefits of the juiceContinue reading “One Day Cleanse with Clean Juice”

#Self-Care101: Making Self-Care an Everyday Thing

Before reading this post, make sure you read #SELF-CARE 101:The Obstacles to Self-Care to make sure you are not allowing any of these obstacles stand in your way of taking care of yourself. Hoping that you have read it, let’s jump into what are some ways you can take care of yourself. For starters, let’s getContinue reading “#Self-Care101: Making Self-Care an Everyday Thing”

#SELF-CARE 101:The Obstacles to Self-Care

Self-care to most have many meanings. Ultimately, self-care is considered to be: “to practice or take action in preserving to improve’s one health.” —- but how can some of us improve your health when you are face many challenges each day. These challenges can be as simple as not having time for yourself, not havingContinue reading “#SELF-CARE 101:The Obstacles to Self-Care”

#Holiday2019: Gift Guide 2019 Part 2

For the holidays, some of us rather keep it simple and just get the main essentials for our loved ones for Christmas, and make sure that it has value for their everyday use. I know for some of my loved ones, I have grabbed some of the items below to make sure they are constantlyContinue reading “#Holiday2019: Gift Guide 2019 Part 2”

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