#Holiday2019: It’s Okay to Be Busy During the Holidays!

This time of year is always my favorite, but for others, it can be pretty stressful when you are trying to balance out life with everything going on and trying to put in that time with your family and friends. They may even make you feel bad about what the way you work, or theContinue reading “#Holiday2019: It’s Okay to Be Busy During the Holidays!”

How My Life Changed in a Year

Around this same time last year, I was in the head space of overcoming anxiety and depression. I had just graduated from college around August and was jobless until the end of October. It was probably one of the hardest things to overcome but as the year went by, things started to slowly change. IContinue reading “How My Life Changed in a Year”

#Holiday2019: Gift Guide 2019

que music — *it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, every where I go* Happy Holidays! We are only a few weeks away from Christmas, and if you struggle with getting anyone anything for Christmas like I do, then this gift guide is for you. I want to make sure that you get theContinue reading “#Holiday2019: Gift Guide 2019”

#Holiday2019: Preparing for Holiday Photoshoots

Nothing is more stressful than preparing for a photo shoot for the holidays. You want the moment to be perfect, and you want this to be Christmas card worthy, and Instagram ready. So, as someone who takes pictures on a regular, I wanted to give you some tips on how you can prepare for aContinue reading “#Holiday2019: Preparing for Holiday Photoshoots”

#Holiday2019: 5 Simple Favorite Desert/Drink Recipes for the Holidays!

I’m that person that would prefer to not cook and bring the deserts and drinks when the holidays roll around. So, if you are anything like me, I’m helping you out this year, and giving you some simple desert/drink recipes to make up in less than an hour, and you can keep them on theContinue reading “#Holiday2019: 5 Simple Favorite Desert/Drink Recipes for the Holidays!”

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